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Bowls, or lawn bowling as it is known in Canada, is a sport that men and women of all ages can play together on an equal basis.

Physical strength plays a small part in this game. Much like curling, skill and strategy are the real factors.

Members enjoy competing in tournaments hosted by our club and at other clubs around the province as well. For social bowls (mixed), teams are 2, 3 or 4 people. Since there are no set teams, you are not obligated to be there every day.

One of the best things about lawn bowling is it doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment. All you need is a pair of flat soled shoes, and you're on your way. We will provide everything else you need to get you started off on the right foot.

Join our Club
The Barrie Lawn Bowling Club welcomes new members whether you are just a beginner or have previous bowling experience. No special equipment is needed just a comfortable pair of soft soled shoes. If you would like to try the game on a no cost trial basis give us a call.

Free instruction is readily available for all who wish to participate. The club will supply bowls free of charge for the first year while you learn to bowl. A new bowlers kit, prepared by the Ontario Lawn Bowls Association is available to all first time members. This includes a New Bowler’s Handbook as well as a booklet on Technique and Etiquette to help you enjoy the game.

Membership is currently $120.00 per season (May through September) and includes all your bowling on regularly scheduled bowling days. Fees for outside tournament are nominal to participants.

To learn more, contact the Club, or call any of the following members;

Nelson Jordan   (705) 722-3088

Beth Willoughby   (705) 728-8450

Don Holman   (705) 733-2073

Directions to the club: (Barrie Sports Dome)
Exit Hwy. 400 at Bayfield Street (Exit 98, Hwy 26).
North on Bayfield (approx. 3 km.) to Hanmer Street (Toys-R-Us). Right (east) on Hanmer to Barrie Sports Dome - #99 Hanmer.
Click here for a map!

How the Game is Played
Bowls is a precision sport where the goal is to roll slightly radially asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closer to a smaller white ball (the "jack" or "kitty") than one's opponent is able to do. This game is most popular in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and in other UK territories.

The game takes place on a 120 ft. square of closely cut grass called a green. A green is divided into rinks 14-16 ft. wide, generally 8 rinks to a green.
Four types of games can be played:

First, a small white ball called a "jack" is delivered down the surface of the rink and centered. Then, standing on a mat and going alternately, players deliver (roll) their bowls, the aim being to have their bowls come to a stop as close as possible to the "jack". The trick is that the bowls are biased (eccentrically balanced) and, therefore, do not roll in a straight line, but curl towards the "jack". A player must decide where the bowl should come to rest and then deliver the bowl along this visualized "line of aim".

The "feel" of the green is another important element in the game and dictates the "weight" with which a bowl should be delivered: e.g., less weight for a fast green or short distance, more for a heavy green or long distance. The "jack" can be knocked and moved away (if lucky!) from the opponent and closer to one's own bowls.

The game is made up of a predetermined number of "ends" which consist of the playing of all the bowls of both sides in one direction on the rink. The first player lays the mat and, standing on it, rolls the jack up the green where it is centred by the "skip" (or, as in singles, the "marker"). The player then rolls the first bowl which is followed by one played by the opposition until both teams have played all their bowls. When the last bowl of the end has been played, the players decide who has the winning "shot(s)", how many, and the number is entered on the scorecard.

A game generally lasts about two hours.

Game Etiquette
Lawn Bowling etiquette is about good sportsmanship and common sense.
Here are some tips;


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